What Happened to American POWs Kept Behind After the Korean War

Gerald Glasser: What Happened to Him?
Two experts teamed up on "American Trophies" to reveal the full story of Americans kept by the communists after the Korean War and the failure of the U.S. government to recover the men or their remains.
John Zimmerlee is known as a leading expert and the most prolific researcher on Korean War POW/MIA cases. He has produced records for many families about their loved ones; records not forthcoming from the Pentagon. John's father is a Korean War POW/MIA.
Mark Sauter is an investigative historian who has been investigating the Korean War POW issue since 1989. His work has appeared in national and local news media. Learn more about Mark here
John and Mark's book offers key insights and documentation from their years of research available for POW/MIA families, concerned veterans, government decision-makers and all those interested in this tragic, and compelling, chapter of American history. They have been supported with information from two major POW/MIA family groups.

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