What Happened to American POWs Kept Behind After the Korean War

"Obama Urged to Press Havana on Cuban Interrogation 

of American POWs"

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"Judicial Watch Sues Department of Defense for Records on American POWs 
Held Captive in Cuba"

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Who Were the Cuban Torturers of US POWs, Led by "Fidel"

Why Hasn't America Gotten Answers from Cuba?

The FBI, Pentagon and US intelligence community have been trying to confirm the identity of "Fidel" for decades, along with the real names of his henchmen, known to American POWs as "Pancho" and "Chico." See more, including the names of suspects, in the documents below.

Some clues about "Fidel:"

  • Born app. in the 1930s
  • Over six feet tall
  • Deep voice
  • Resembled Sean Connery
  • Bad temper
  • Knows how to fix cars
  • Familiar with American military slang and the US Navy
  • Appears to have had paratrooper training, perhaps in the US
  • Familiar with the American Southeast
  • Liked to drink
  • Intelligent

Got a lead on the real identity of "Fidel" or the other Cubans? Or info on what Havana knows about missing American servicemen? Email us at: investigator@kpows.com

Air Force Pilot Earl Glenn Cobeil: 

Died After Unspeakable Torture from the Cubans

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Investigation of the "Cuban Program" by Returned POW Mike Benge

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From the Benge Report: Cuban officials, under diplomatic cover in Hanoi during the Vietnam War, brutally tortured and killed American POWs whom they beat senseless in a research program "sanctioned by the North Vietnamese."(1) 

This was dubbed the "Cuba Program" by the Department of Defense (DOD) and the CIA, and it involved 19 American POWs (some reposts state 20). Recent declassified secret CIA and DOD intelligence documents, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal the extent of Cuba's involvement with American POWs captured in Vietnam. A Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report states that "The objective of the interrogators was to obtain the total submission of the prisoners..."(2)

According to former POW Air Force Colonel Donald "Digger" Odell, "two POWs left behind in the camp were 'broken' but alive when he and other prisoners were released [1973 Operation Homecoming].* ... They were too severely tortured by Cuban interrogators" to be released. The Vietnamese didn't want the world to see what they had done to them."(3)POWs released during "Operation Homecoming" in 1973 "were told not to talk about third-country interrogations. .... This thing is very sensitive with all kinds of diplomatic ramifications."(4) Hence, the torture and murder of American POWs by the Cubans was swept under the rug by the U.S. Government.

*KPOWS note: the bodies of these two men were returned by Vietnam after the war. There are also indications Havana may know about other American POWs who disappeared during the war -- see details in the report.

Congressional Hearing on the "Cuban Program" Here

Sen. John McCain Demands Identity of Cuban Who Tortured US POWs

"We'll get him  and bring him to justice, too:" pledged McCain in 2008
Fidel Castro Calls the Senator a Liar

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